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Drink a little, be blind
People who have been drinking may miss objects that appear unexpectedly in their field of sight, even when their blood alcohol levels are just half the legal driving limit, Seema L. Clifasefi of the University of Washington in Seattle and her col...  | Read.. 
Connery pens ‘history’ of Scotland
Sean Connery, who has said he would not live in Scotland again until it became independent, is writing a book about his nati ...  | Read.. 
Under the shade
KSanthanam, a 65-year-old Mumbai resident, is adamant about his choice of umbrellas. The conservative gentleman will settle for nothing less than the 26-inch long black one f...  | Read.. 
Check-out: Mystery of the missing ticket
An airline ticket is like a small booklet. The actual tickets form only a few thin pages or leaves, depending on the number of tickets in it. The rest are all printed matter p...  | Read.. 
Under the shade