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A clash of civilizations
The Pew Research Center, a Washington think-tank, is about six years old. It is chaired by Madeleine Albright, former secretary of state under President Clinton, and John C Danforth, a former senator. It does opinion surveys across the world. Most of...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Matter of shame
Sir ' Every once in a while, incidents like the blackening of the face of a Mumbai professor happen ...  | Read.. 
Gender bender
Sir ' The claim of the 'linguist', Andrew Dalby, that Homer could have been a 'she' ('Homer may be ...  | Read.. 
Better late than never, and better this than nothing. Such could be the small consolation from the long-delayed birth of the ...| Read.. 
Remembrance of things past is not always a pleasant occupation. The former actress, Ms Jayamala, who is waiting to be interr...| Read.. 
Rsefined and clean
The Punjabi suit has taken over the dress code in south India. Sad but true. Those wonderful woven saris that typify T...  | Read.. 
Beijing is not far from Delhi
There's nothing like Sri Lanka to concentrate the mind when it comes to a discussion on terrorism. Last week, even as the German NGO, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, was hosting a c...  | Read.. 
The hot medium is one that extends one single sense in 'high definition'. High definition is the state of being well filled with data. A photograph is, visually, high definition. Telephone is a cool medium or of low definition because the ear is given a meagre amount of information. ' M. MCLUHAN