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Court ladies play it low
As a Scottish teenager rose to be king of the Brits at Wimbledon on Saturday, an English schoolgirl became the queen bee of the competition’s wives and girlfriends (WAGs). ...  | Read.. 
Indian superhero brings in the cash
Bollywood’s first superhero has brought super profits to India’s prolific film industry. ...  | Read.. 
Motives for going on buy binge
The WAGs ' wives and girlfriends of the English footballers in Germany ' have, judging by recent photographs, been havin ...  | Read.. 
Hollywood shine back with Code
The popularity of The Da Vinci Code has helped to prompt a recovery in Hollywood’s fortunes, with box-office ...  | Read.. 
Terminator limb mystery cracked
The concept of growing skin tissue around metal, a staple of science fiction films such as The Terminator, has been re ...  | Read.. 
Who will care for the care givers'
Four years ago, Padma Ram Ratnam wallowed in guilt each time she thought of getting away from her ailing husband and taking a break. Whenever the idea crossed her mind, she wo...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: Relative moves
When Sandhya went to visit her son, Gopal, in the US, his wife and he were delighted. Sandhya was always a very welcome guest. A sweet-natured, accommodating person, she easil...  | Read.. 
Actress Christina Applegate at the screening of Little Miss Sunshine at the 2006 Los Angeles Film Festival. (Reuters)