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Wedding, made to order
Catholic priests are performing half as many marriages today as in 1970, the year Cynthia Gonzalez was born. And she is part of the reason. ...  | Read.. 
Kiwi or Aussie' Note the slang
For generations of globetrotting New Zealanders, it has always been a question to answer through gritted teeth: “Wh ...  | Read.. 
Flip-flops to work
With more women wearing flip-flops to the office this summer, US style gurus are warning that the casual shoe once mainly se ...  | Read.. 
Buckling under pressure
T hirty-something Nidhi Arora was constantly on the move. A high profile job and a hectic social life kept her on her toes. But one fine day, her left knee couldn’t take ...  | Read.. 
Diet Watch
My mother is suffering from osteoporosis. Her doctor has asked her to increase her fluoride intake. Can you suggest foods rich in fluoride that she must take' ...  | Read.. 
Cuban President Fidel Castro's niece Mariela, head of Cuba's National Center for Sex Education, in Havana. Mariela leads a revolution less well known ...  | Read