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Almost at the gate
Adapting and only slightly exaggerating Rabindranath Tagore, it could be said that one sees India everywhere in Cornwall but finds Indians nowhere. As yet. The royal duchy lashed by the Atlantic Ocean and lapped by the English Channel is spared the c...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Cup that unites the world
Sir ' As we watch the World Cup unfold in Germany, everything about the tournament seems incredibl ...  | Read.. 
Charitable business
Sir ' It appears that the media is obsessed with the rich and the famous ('Buffet billions for Bil ...  | Read.. 
They are born that way. They have become that way. They have chosen to be that way. Nature, nurture and choice ' these are th...| Read.. 
Married to marble
Having been addicted to reading fiction all my life, I have come to the conclusion that novels should be no longer than 400 p...  | Read.. 
It has been one of the great errors of our time to think that by thinking about thinking, and then talking about it , we could possibly straighten out and tidy up our minds ... It is all very well to be aware of your awareness, even proud of it, but never try to operate it. You are not up to the job. ' LEWIS THOMAS
Alive and kicking
Brazilian footballer Ronaldo faced flak for his initial lacklustre performance at the World Cup. But he has more than proved ...  | Read..