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Despair deals deadly blows
Fatal leap in cancer fear

The fear of cancer ' a disease that had claimed his mother and son-in-law ' pushed Nemai Chandra Dey over the edge. He jumped to his death, from the 17th floor of Tata Centre, on Monday, days after being diagnosed with a tumour in the pancreas.

The 72-year-old retired engineer was convinced that the tumour was cancerous and that his days were numbered.

Police said a suicide note found in his pocket said he was ending his life as he 'could not bear the pain any more'.

Dey, a resident of Kali Prasad Banerjee Lane, in Howrah, had taken VRS from Hindustan Fertiliser Corporation Limited in 1992.

It is not clear how he had slipped into Tata Centre on Monday and how he had jumped through a window.

Tata Centre officials refused comment.

Police said he might have entered the building by managing an entry slip from the reception, or slipped in through the rear of the building and gone up by the service lift.

He might have found a window on the 17th floor open, or managed to open one of the windows without bars, and leapt out. He fell on the asbestos roof of the canteen.

Nemai Dey, who leapt to his death from the 17th floor of Tata Centre

'Nemai was very upset after the detection of the tumour in his pancreas a few days ago. He had been complaining of abdominal pain for more than a month,' said elder brother Gour Mohan Dey. 'He felt he would meet the same fate as his mother, in 1978, and his son-in-law, in 2004.'

On Monday, Nemai left home without telling anyone where he was headed, around 9.30 am. 'Around 1 pm, we got a call from Shakespeare Sarani police station, informing us about the suicide,' said Gour.

The investigating officer of Shakespeare Sarani police station said they had been alerted by Tata Centre officials around 11 am.

Nemai left behind his wife, three daughters and grandchildren. 'This is a common problem with patients if they have seen cancer-related deaths in his family. They need proper counselling from support groups to overcome fear and depression,' said Subir Ganguly, consultant oncologist at Nilratan Sircar Medical College and Hospital.

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