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Free and unstable
In hardly two weeks the stock market collapsed to levels that were ruling a year earlier and is still behaving most erratically. The variations have been much more than the stock market fluctuations in other emerging markets. Investors knew that equi...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
History of hate
Sir ' Tapan Raychaudhuri's three-part article was interesting and well researched but he missed out ...  | Read.. 
There is an old joke that defines mixed feelings as seeing one's mother-in-law driving one's new BMW over a cliff. In India, ...| Read.. 
Only Trotskyites deceive themselves with the utopia of permanent revolutions. In reality, each revolution has only a limited ...| Read.. 
Third time unlucky
What kind of country would hold a census in which the enumerator recorded your sex but not your religion, your age but not yo...  | Read.. 
In the claws of the eagle
While there is still cautious optimism about the Indo-US nuclear deal going through the US Congress by this July, things may no longer be too rosy from the Indian point of vie...  | Read.. 
Free the mind and the rest will follow
We have a culture that privileges women's lack of fitness, their vulnerability. There are reservations on buses, in the Metro, and an unofficial reservation in autorickshaws. ...  | Read.. 
History is the endless repetition of the wrong way of living, and it'll start again tomorrow, if it's moved from here today. ' LAWRENCE DURRELL