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Something football inside
When I was a kid, life was simple: I loved cricket, the king of all games, enjoyed table-tennis, or what was called TT before the advent of a certain Calcutta newspaper, and I absolutely, completely, comprehensively, hated football. This thing, also ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Old communist's new lessons
Sir ' It is wonderful to know that Jyoti Basu has agreed to teach the 'freshers' of the West Bengal ...  | Read.. 
Lip service
Sir ' The way the Punjabi pop singer, Mika, kissed the upcoming actor, Rakhi Sawant, during his bir ...  | Read.. 
Baby boom
Sir ' Our hearts really go out to the poor little rich Brangelina kid ('Hello! Baby's on the Net', ...  | Read.. 
Nobody minds working out of beautiful offices. Better still to be able to live in them forever, and for nothing. And certainl...| Read.. 
Lost opportunity
Health is wealth
Thank the stars
Country roads
Next in line
Man power
Romanticism is the art of presenting people with the literary works which are capable of affording them the greatest possible pleasure in the present state of their customs and beliefs. Classicism, on the other hand, presents them with the literature that gave the greatest possible pleasure to their great-grandfathers. ' STENDHAL
The crisis within
The Bharatiya Janata Party suddenly appears rudderless, reports Bishakha De Sarkar ...  | Read..