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Bollywood heroes and heroin
He is an actor with a squeaky-clean image, often hailed as a devoted family man. When the family is not looking, though, he consumes hard drugs. Just like the actress who used to once come for a shoot only after a shot of cocaine. Quite like the happ...  | Read.. 
Storming a male bastion
French striker Thierry Henry is her role model. Bhaichung Bhutia she dislikes but I.M. Vijayan she admires. She doesnít ...  | Read.. 
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Dial into hot new TV tech
Quick, what will you do if your fixed line phone company offers you a phone connection, a video conference facility and your favourite TV channels bundled with 150 films a month' Youíll snap up the offer in double quick time, especially if the p...  | Read.. 
Summer of superheroes
Hindi films have never been short of super heroes. In the early years, there were mythological films where the hero was actually a god who wrestled with a thousand demons and emerged victorious. Then came films where the hero was godlike ' a man with...  | Read.. 
Celebrity Circus
Selling out to fizz
Itís not just P. Gopichand. Put your hands together for young Abhishek Bachchan too. While his dad guzzles colas for a fat fee (and wears 2.7 lakh shades) and doesnít squirm with embarrassment, few know that Abhishek decided last year that ...  | Read.. 
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Bollywood heroes and heroin