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Look, my lucky charm


A toothbrush in his travel bag

There's this battery-operated, vibrating toothbrush that I got as a gift a couple of years ago. I got it on my birthday and don't even remember who gave it to me; must be one of my friends. But ever since, it has been an essential companion of mine wherever I have travelled. That maybe the only constant thing that I have carried wherever I have gone in the past two years. I fear losing it because not only have I got very used to it, I also consider it to be a good-luck charm. I would never travel anywhere for a show or an event without this particular toothbrush.


Bipasha BASU,

A ring mother gave her with a prayer

While I am not superstitious at all, I do always wear a particular ring on my finger. It was given to me by my mother around six years ago and I don't remember a day I haven't worn it since. My mother loves the fact that I wear it as she does all the praying for me. Although I do believe in God, I do not know ways to worship Him. So I just blindly follow my mother... I just want to keep wearing the ring.



A Lokenath Baba locket, two stone-studded rings

I wear a chain with a Lokenath Baba locket. I have to take it off while shooting, but I always keep it with myself. I also wear two stone-studded rings given to me by my mother. I have developed a kind of fixation about them since my mother passed away and I have never taken them off though many people have told me that I don't need those stones anymore. Also, I don't attend the premiere shows of my films. It's a kind of good-luck charm for me.



A locket from mother that he refused Michael Jackson

I wear all my gods in lockets in gold chains. There are images of Tirupati Balaji, Ganapati, Hanumanji and Ramthakur. There's another big locket with a Hare Krishna Hare Ram inscription that my mother had given me when I entered the film industry 32 years ago. Michael Jackson wanted to keep it once when I met him, but I did not part with it. Then there's a stone-studded ring of Balaji that I always wear and another ring with my lucky stone. I am not going to reveal what it is. Rock star ZZ Top had once given me a gold ring that I wear unfailingly while performing on stage and giving interviews.



A locket of Durga to touch

While I have always tried not to be superstitious about anything material ' anything that has weight and occupies some space ' I do carry a locket of Durga with me all the time. It has been with me for the last 10 years. I had got it in Calcutta. The locket is really very auspicious and I like to touch it every day before starting my day.



A maduli and a silver ring

I am not superstitious and I believe in God. I used to wear a chain with a locket of Lokenath Baba, but then I had to take it off during shooting and it was really inconvenient. Now, I wear a maduli around my neck and I have a weakness for it. I also wear a ring in silver that my father had given me. It has a sentimental value for me. I step out of the house after praying to Ma Kali and after a puja performed by my wife.



A gold cat's eye ring for all things great

My only prized possession is a gold cat's eye ring. It's known to ward off evil. It was a gift from my mother's friend three years ago. I am extremely superstitious about it and I believe that the ring brings me good luck. My daughter was born around that time too, so I guess I keep attributing all the great things in my life to the ring. I am so paranoid about parting with it that I have never once taken it off my finger.



A picture of Ma Kali in her wallet

Right from my childhood I have always worshipped Ma Kali. There are no proper Ma Kali temples here in Mumbai. Most are either Hanumanji or Krishna temples. So I carry a picture of Ma Kali ó of the Kalight idol ó in my wallet and since you cannot travel without a wallet, it is always with me. But I would like to add that I do not want to believe itís a lucky charm or something since that would make me weak. Then if I lose it, I will become like Sourav and get frantic. I truly believe that Ma Kali is there with me all the time.

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