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Cup goes to city's head
- Everybody wants to sport hair or have it cut in the fashion of football heroes

Guys want a Ronaldo cut, girls want a Beckham colour, mothers want their boys to sport a Kaka cut ' the Cup has clearly gone to Calcutta's head.

'This year, the style quotient seems to be more tilted towards the World Cup than ever before. Not only are young men coming in for a football look, but a lot of mothers are bringing in their nine and 10-year-old sons for a cut inspired by soccer stars,' says beautician Darshini Sanghvi, co-owner of Tress Talk.

The salon on Allenby Road played host to a group of boys after Brazil's first match, armed with photographs of Kaka sporting his new hairstyle.

Boys in the nine-to-25 age-bracket seem to be the most soccer-style struck, but the girls are not to be denied, either.

'Beckham's spiked-from-the-middle cut remains the most popular among boys, followed by the Ronaldo bald look,' says Mamta Pradhan, stylist, Eyecatchers.

'And we have teenage girls walking in every day wanting their locks to look like Ronaldinho's, cascading and curly,' adds Mamta at the Ballygunge Circular Road salon.

At Habibs, Sujit Bhagat observes how girls are 'highlighting their tresses with hues resembling the honey blonde of Beckham and the black and frizzy of Ronaldinho'.

As footfall swells at the salons, new stars of the previous night's action ' Totti of Italy or Villa of Spain ' could overtake the more established stars. But the Ronaldo 'zero cut' reigns, despite the Brazil striker's dismal start to the Cup.

The reason could be more Celsius than soccer, as the look is a great way to beat the sweltering heat, points out Bridgette Jones, whose salon on Sarat Bose Road sports a soccer look these days.

As a team, the Spanish seem to tilt the style scales. 'The team as a whole has paid attention to hair detailing and presentation,' feels hair stylist Priscilla Corner of June Tomkyns, on Ballygunge Circular Road. 'Their styles are a variation of the mullet cut (short on top, long and thinned down at the nape). Sergio Ramos, David Villa and Raul are the ones to watch out for.'

Soccer style is, in fact, catching on from tip to toe, from nail art to tattoo. The tattoo hot spots for the Cup season are the ankles and the knees.

Footballs, World Cup 2006 logos, team logos of England, Germany and France are some of the tattoos to sport on the legs. And when it comes to nail art, Argentina and Brazil flags are the ones to wave.

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