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It takes a thunderbolt to strike a change in the heart

Just the other day, we got to observe Shiladitya Patranobis aka Pat playing a suave city slicker, who was sightless, for another telefilm. The next telefilm shoot we attend is Atanu Ghosh’s Aaloy Phera where Pat is again playing a city slicker, but the walking stick and dark glasses are not what he is carrying this time. They belong to Indrani Halder here. After Rani Mukherjee’s Black and now Kajol’s Fanaa, the blind belle is definitely the histrionic flavour of the season, specially if you are Bengali, and actually have big and beautiful eyes (Rani, Kajol, Indrani...).

That said, Aaloy Phera is a story-screenplay seen through the eyes of Atanu Ghosh, who also directs. So, it comes with a solid warranty card. Pat, who’s been a bit out of the loop for a while, is steaming back with some good strong roles lately, and in this, he plays a 35-year-old petrol pump owner who is many things else: a swindler, debauch, sinister, what else. He picks up a young girl from a secluded spot one night and takes her home and serves up, no, not dinner, but an indecent proposal. But he is startled by the girl’s straight-in-the-eye taunt and prediction about his dark past catching up. Which thunderbolt gives him a crash course in enlightenment. He seeks out a suitable girl to be good to, as penance, and Indrani is the chosen one. There’s another twist thereafter, but let’s leave that for Sunday evening.

Anil Grover
Scheduled telecast:
Tara Muzik; June 18, 7:30 pm

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