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Superhit whooshing up!
Rekha who was stunningly credible as Hrithik Roshan’s mother in Koi'Mil Gaya returns in the sequel as Hrithik’s grandmother. “She’s the only link between the two films, the only character from Koi'Mil Gaya who reappe...  | Read.. 
Sacred Ray
Sacred Evil tries to bring alive Satyajit Ray by various reference pointsSatyajit Ray with Soumitra Chatterjee at the ...  | Read.. 
‘What no one saw was the truth’
Apoorva Lakhia on his Shootout...with Sanjay Gupta and Sunjay Dutt ...  | Read.. 
India booming
One of the great ironies of Cannes is that people are so busy networking that there is actually very little time to see films ...  | Read.. 
Sholay ki Maa!
Her mind is alert. Her attitude warm, humble and gracious. Anita Guha, who rose to national mystification after playing Santo ...  | Read.. 
‘I don’t think I am open to sex, exposure and bold scenes’
Pallavi Kulkarni on work--play. By Lipika Varma ...  | Read.. 
Your man will be from' Definitely not from the (film) industry. ...  | Read.. 
This is fall-out time, man! John Abs-Salman at the Rockstar concert; SRK-Big B at the eve of IFFA. John is one gutsy guy cons ...  | Read.. 
Goal! The Impossible Dream, a Touchstone Pictures pres ...  | Read.. 
Testify P.O.D Atlantic; Rs 135 ...  | Read.. 
What craft'
Watch the rains instead
Bit of a letdown
Superhit whooshing up!