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Rahul faces a potent mix of troubles
- Govt lab report confirms presence of cocaine along with heroin in Bibek’s viscera

New Delhi, June 7: In what could be bad news for Rahul Mahajan, who spent a restless night in the lock-up, Bibek Moitra’s viscera test report by the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) of the Delhi government has confirmed consumption of cocaine, heroin and alcohol.

“The FSL report has supplemented and strengthened the investigations we have done so far and it will also prove to be clinching evidence against the two accused ' Rahul Mahajan and Sahil Zaroo,” said Manish Aggarwal, additional deputy commissioner of police.

Tests done by the lab on Rahul’s and Sahil’s vomit samples have confirmed presence of heroin. Cocaine carries a stiffer punishment, with possession or consumption of 2 gm of the drug drawing the same penalty as 5 gm of heroin.

The son of the late BJP leader, Pramod Mahajan, was arrested yesterday under the narcotics act and is being held in the 8x10 feet fanless lock-up at Tughlaq Road police station.

“He was unable to sleep properly and was talking a little to himself. Though we cleaned the blankets before giving them to him, he was finding them rough and itchy,” said constable Randhawa, one of the policemen who kept watch outside the lock-up.

Rahul woke up several times last night to have a drink of water and walk around before settling down again between two thin blankets, he added.

If the court’s decision to grant police only two-day custody had raised Rahul’s hopes of an early release, the reports would have come as a blow. But it is to be seen whether the police can collate the evidence they claim to have gathered before the court sits tomorrow or there is a repeat of yesterday when they failed to answer questions on the drugs.

Earlier, the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) confirmed heroin in vomit samples of Rahul and Sahil and a pouch containing white powder. The CFSL report on Bibek’s viscera is awaited.

Bibek and Rahul were rushed to Apollo Hospital early on Friday morning after a party at 7 Safdarjung Road, Pramod Mahajan’s official residence which his family is allowed to keep till July.

Bibek, who was Mahajan’s right-hand man, died before he reached the hospital.

Sahil, who is said to have bought the drugs on Bibek’s bidding, has admitted that drugs were consumed at the party. He was arrested from Srinagar on Saturday.

But Rahul’s lawyer Sunil Mittal, who was granted permission to meet him for an hour today, is confident the police have no proof of the quantity of the drug.

Under Section 21 of the narcotics act ' one of the sections under which Rahul has been charged ' the quantity of cocaine or heroin consumed determines whether an accused can be let off with a fine or sent to jail for years.

The police’s failure yesterday to reveal the quantity is thought to have led the court to hand them only two-day custody of Rahul.

If the judge decides tomorrow to extend the remand, Rahul will have to get used to “dal-roti” for dinner which he barely touched last night. “Dal-roti is what all inmates are given,” said sub-inspector K.P. Tyagi at the police station.

Rahul kept drinking water today, he added. “He is constantly feeling thirsty, which is understandable as it can get hot inside the lock-up.”

Agarwal, the officer in charge of the case, insisted the police have sufficient evidence against both Rahul and Sahil, which will be produced in court at the right time. Police sources said they would bring the two face-to-face during interrogation.

Another aide of Mahajan, Harish Sharma, and driver Ganesh were arrested this morning on charges of criminal conspiracy, giving false information and causing disappearance of evidence but were freed on bail on personal bonds of Rs 50,000.

The police say Sharma had ordered the servants to clean up the drawing room of the Mahajan residence, including the vomit, and had “disturbed the scene of the incident” by removing champagne bottles and washing glasses. But while they have impounded his mobile phone from which frantic calls were made on June 2, they did not have clinching evidence against him, sources said.

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