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Rahul reaches, in Qualis & on cops
- Subdued Son goes to court in Wheelchair; Mother slips in & out
Lensmen take position to capture a glimpse of Rahul Mahajan outside the court on Tuesday. (PTI)

New Delhi, June 6: Screams rent the air as a white Toyota Qualis carrying Rahul Mahajan arrived at the Patiala House courts, where he was produced by Delhi police today.

Harassed policemen pushed back a surge of jostling TV cameramen, reporters and eager onlookers, keen for a glimpse of Rahul, or for an unlikely sound bite.

The driver of the Qualis, trying in vain to honk his way through, gave up and stopped the car while the police controlled the crowd.

Another ten minutes passed before the police succeeded in tying nylon ropes to trees on either side of the main pathway to keep the crowd out.

By then, a posse of Delhi police personnel picked up Rahul ' on his wheelchair ' and rushed him into the courtroom, away from the lenses of dozens of TV cameras.

As he was hurriedly bundled out of the backseat of the Qualis, Rahul briefly looked up. The anxiety in his eyes was unmistakable.

All hell broke loose again as Rahulís lawyer Sunil Mittal tried to enter the court, a few steps behind his client.

In the melee around Mittal, few noticed three women quietly slip into the courtroom. Rahulís mother Rekha Mahajan was accompanied by two friends.

For the next 20-odd minutes, there was peace outside the court, though the crowd was growing increasingly restive.

Then as news filtered out that the judicial magistrate had sent Rahul to two days in police custody, and not the five days the cops had asked for, Rekha made a quick exit from the premises.

Quiet and dignified, the wife of the late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan left the Patiala House courts as she had entered ' largely unnoticed.

A few minutes later, her son appeared, once again carried by policemen. A few clicks of the cameras later, Rahul was back inside the Qualis, his white shirt sweaty and sticking to his body.

But this time the policemen were wiser.

As a few of them pulled out batons, the crowd around the car thinned and the Qualis sped away.

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