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Cops close in on Rahul
Hint of second dose of killer spurious drug

New Delhi, June 5: Rahul Mahajan has denied having used drugs on the night of June 1-2, but police today arrested him under the narcotics act after a four-hour interrogation.

“The mere find of narcotics at Rahul’s residence and accounts of Sahil (Zaroo) and his three acquaintances (who were present that night) were enough to book and arrest Rahul,” an officer said.

There are now reasons to believe that a second dose of drugs, probably adulterated heroin, killed the late Pramod Mahajan’s aide Bibek Moitra and made his 31-year-old son Rahul sick.

Such a possibility is under investigation after interrogation of Sahil Zaroo, the Kashmiri youth who had allegedly bought the drug for Bibek and Rahul, and the Nigerian, Abdulla, accused of selling it to him.

Rahul has been booked under two sections of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act. Section 25 relates to allowing use of premises for commission of an offence. Section 27 deals with illegal possession in small quantity for personal consumption of any narcotic or psychotropic substance or consumption of such drug.

He has also been charged under Section 201 of the IPC relating to destruction of evidence. If the charges are proved in court, Rahul could be put away for up to 10 years of rigorous imprisonment.

Police sources said that during interrogation, Rahul denied having taken any drugs that night, saying he had drunk only sparkling wine.

An FIR lodged at Tughlak Road police station alleges that a domestic help put the leftover champagne into a water bottle after the two fell unconscious. Ganesh also removed the two champagne bottles from the table and put them in the refrigerator.

Interrogation of Sahil and Abdulla has revealed that Rahul did not like the drug, probably cocaine, Sahil had bought from Abdulla around 11 pm and sent him back to get a replacement.

It was after snorting the replaced drug ' poor quality heroin probably adulterated to some extent ' that Bibek started frothing at the mouth and Rahul took ill, police sources said.

They added that Sahil’s statement suggests Rahul smelt the first lot of the drug and complained about its quality. He told Sahil it was not cocaine and asked him to return it and fetch “the real thing”.

Sahil probably also smelt it himself and agreed, going back to the peddler around midnight in Vasant Vihar.

Abdulla gave him another pouch. Instead of cocaine, it contained poor quality heroin. Some peddlers are known to play tricks on desperate customers. Sahil returned around 12.45 am.

The police sources said after snorting a small dose using a Rs 500 note, Rahul gave it to Bibek, who probably inhaled a larger quantity.

According to Sahil, within minutes, Bibek and Rahul started throwing up. Their condition worsened and both started frothing. This was the time (around 1.15 am) when Sahil and the two other visitors panicked and asked the servants for help.

Sahil, who himself was feeling giddy, decided to go with his friends, leaving the servants to take care of Bibek and Rahul, the sources claimed.

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