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Bending it like Beckham
In the summer of 1997 in France, Brazilian Roberto Carlos kicked his way into footballís hall of fame. The ball was placed 30 metres from the opposing teamís goal post and slightly to the right. Carlos took a measured run and kicked the ball hard. The ball initially travelled far to the ri...  | Read.. 
Guiding tags for the blind
Rohit, a visually impaired boy in his early teens, dreams of being able to move around his home without assistance from his siblings or parents. And e ...  | Read.. 
Bending it like Beckham
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Trusting in Technology
For all the talk of having a world leading IT services industry, high-tech R&D centres, and satellite launchers, our institutions are remarkably reluctant to use new technology. Technological devices are seen as complex, hard to use, unreliable a ...  | Read.. 
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Treating tribals
Six years ago, a group of young doctors from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, rejected the lure of private practice ...  | Read.. 
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Remedies in your own home ...  | Read.. 
Therapy trouble
Sometimes psychotherapy may be detrimental to a patientís mental health, says Richard A. Friedman ...  | Read.. 
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Eyeing invisibility
Invisibility and the ability to see through walls ' dreams that were once confined to the pages of science fiction ' are moving into the realms of feasibility. ...  | Read.. 
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Crown; $ 24.00
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