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When writing's all wrong

Spell check

Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee should at once correct the spelling errors for which his government is responsible.

Eastern Metropolitan Bypass has been 'Bye-pass' for quite some time on the overhead sign as one approaches the bypass connector from Park Circus. It might be risky, as would-be foreign investors will pass under it.

Prinsep Street ' named after James Prinsep, scholar and antiquary ' was officially renamed 'Princep' long ago and accepted without question by every shop on it.

Mangoe Lane is generally promoted as Mango Lane.

Is correct spelling superfluous to good governance'

Road signs

Instead of 'joler tankies' as landmarks ' and the 1 on water tank No. 10 often vanishes ' Salt Lake could do with a few road signs. They would be particularly helpful after dark, when every street, every office building and every residential area looks like the other, straight out of a nightmare maze in a video game in which the driver gets lost.

New Alipore and Behala are also crying out for some lettering on their roads. And north of Shyambazar and south of Jadavpur are quite signage-free.

The powers that be could also use some lettering on a necessary public utility: toilets. Even if they exist, there is no indication. There are three public toilets in Esplanade, but when nature calls, where are they' (Answer: In Curzon Park, near Shahid Minar and adjacent to Bhawanipore tent.)

No way out

We demand more one-way signs. Navigating the Park Street-Wood Street-Camac Street stretch, thanks to signs that are probably hidden in foliage or kicked away into a corner, is a particular challenge. The no-entry sign at the Mullickbazar-Park Street crossing doesn't have timings on it.

Parking puzzles

First, we would like to have the car parking signs in place. Then, also, information on whether it's free or paid, please.


Historical structures need an introduction. It has begun, but we could do with more (and correct) information.

The road sign says that the abandoned building on Nimtala Ghat Street was Rajabagan thana, but does not mention that it was originally Duff School, started by Alexandar Duff, Scottish missionary and educationist.

We pass the Metro cinema building every day without realising that it is one of the first art deco buildings in Calcutta, a trendsetter in the 50s.

But words may not be enough to describe the horror of the Adi Brahmo Samaj building in Chitpur turning into a marble chip godown.

History ahoy

It may be asking for too much, but there should also be signs leading to a landmark.

There is little to indicate that the Tagore memorial is located at Nimtala Ghat. How many Calcuttans know that the State Archaeological Museum is in the same compound as Behala tram depot'

And how many are aware of an industrial museum, showcasing Bengal's industrial heritage, on Ganesh Chandra Avenue'

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