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A strand of hatred
This essay addresses the theme, not of electoral politics, but of a poisonous cancer in our social body, which the black magicians of the parivar used cynically to facilitate their capture of power. The nurturing and manipulation of hatred aga...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Taking a rain check
Sir ' Whatever experts may say, by continuing to generate a sizeable portion of India's national in ...  | Read.. 
Run for the post
Sir ' Rasheed Kidwai's report, 'Warriors warm up for battle to be President' (May 29), is thought-p ...  | Read.. 
No fire
Sir ' The government of India has once more observed No Tobacco Day as a mere formality on May 31. ...  | Read.. 
Cricket lovers will hate to admit it but the football World Cup, beginning on June 9, is without doubt the largest sporting ...| Read.. 
The getting game
Show of studs
Away from the heat and dust
Son on the rise
Please find out
Let's go to Sankarpur
Just as priests, having the widest experience of the human heart, are best able to pardon the sins which they do not themselves commit, so genius, having the wildest experience of the human intelligence, can best understand the ideas most directly in opposition to those which form the foundations of its own works. ' MARCEL PROUST
Turning to God
The young in West Bengal are increasingly turning to religion or rituals, Dola Mitra discovers ...  | Read..