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Trio of guests

New Delhi, June 2: Demolishing murder theories about Rahul Mahajan and Bibek Moitra, three young men presented themselves before police late tonight, partly claiming responsibility for the incident.

Trishay, Karan and Rahul, three youths between 19 and 22 years of age, dramatically surfaced in the Mandir Marg police station around 10.30 pm.

They had earlier informed some TV channels through their lawyer Ranvir Singh Kundu that they had knowledge of the previous night.

Sahil, a fourth youth, was said to have been admitted to Spring Meadows nursing home. He, too, had taken ill possibly after snorting cocaine.

They said the “white powder” found at 7 Safdarjung Road was cocaine, which they bought from a drug dealer in Vasant Vihar on Bibek’s request.

The sequence of events as narrated by them was that Bibek called Sahil in the evening yesterday and asked him to buy cocaine.

It was Sahil who called Karan and asked him to come along.

Karan and Trishay are neighbours in south Delhi’s Greater Kailash.

Karan agreed to join the party along with a fourth friend, Rahul, who left midway claiming his mother had summoned him. All were said to be school dropouts.

They went to the Mahajan residence, guided by Bibek who gave them directions on his mobile phone.

Sahil took money from Bibek and went, along with Karan, to buy cocaine worth Rs 15,000 and return to the house where Trishay was waiting. Sahil snorted cocaine along with Rahul and Bibek.

They said they did not go to the police because they were “terrified” after Bibek died. They also claimed that they had taken Rahul and Bibek to Apollo Hospital but did not want to be identified.

Although they knew cocaine had been consumed, they did not tell either the servants or Sudhanshu Mittal, Pramod Mahajan’s associate who admitted Rahul and Bibek to Apollo.

The doctors had difficulty treating Rahul because they did not know what narcotic had been consumed.

Their lawyer, however, said they had done “nothing wrong”. “They are young boys, just experimenting. They were excited about going to a big politician’s party. They did nothing wrong.”

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