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Sip & snort
Rekha, wife and mother, who has to bear it all

How the events unfolded at 7 Safdarjung Road

The italicised portions are the versions narrated by Rahul, Karan and Trishay to police, the non-italicised parts are the accounts given by the servants.

June 1, Thursday

Rahul Mahajan and Bibek Moitra arrived in the morning, stayed at 7 Safdarjung Road most of the day.

8.45 pm: Rahul and Bibek had a drink of champagne.

9 pm: Bibek called Sahil, asking him to come over for a party. Sahil asked friends Rahul, Trishay and Karan to join him to go to Mahajanís residence.

10.45 pm: Four people arrived for the party. One of the four left almost immediately. Bibek was directing them to the house, using either his own or Rahulís phone.

Trishay, Sahil and Karan came to 7 Safdarjung Road after dropping friend Rahul off on the way.

A Ganesha idol in Mahajan’s residence. Telegraph picture

Friday, June 2

12.30 am: Two out of the three visitors left.

Sahil and Karan went to Vasant Vihar to buy cocaine, at Bibekís behest.

1.15 am: The two returned and left almost immediately with Trishay.

Rahul started snorting cocaine, and was joined by Bibek and Sahil.

2.15 am: Rahul called out to the servants for help. They (Ganesh and Anil) tried to revive the two but couldnít. Rahul was semi-conscious, Moitra unconscious and foaming at the mouth.

Bibek, Rahul and Sahil started vomiting. Trishay and Karan called the servants.

2.55 am: Harish, Rahulís chauffeur, brought the two to Apollo Hospital.

Karan, Trishay and Sahil took Rahul and Bibek to Apollo.

* The version from here on bears no contradiction.

Bibek was declared dead on arrival. Rahulís heartbeat was hardly detectable; his blood sugar level was very high. A team of five doctors started attending to Rahul.

5 am: Apollo Hospital authorities informed police. Household help gave the police a polythene bag containing a white powder.

10.45 am: A medical bulletin said Rahulís vital signs were stable but he was critical.

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