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Nepal goes from mourning to celebration
This day five years ago, thousands of people were out on the same Kanti Path near the Narayanhity Palace. ...  | Read.. 
LTTE ready to talk, but not peace
Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers said today that they had accepted an invitation by peace broker Norway for talks in Oslo on June 8 and 9 regarding the security of Nordic truce ...  | Read.. 
Want to lose weight' Diet in groups
The most successful weight loss diets are those that involve a weekly commitment to a class or meeting, according to research that monitored people using four popular com ...  | Read.. 
Iraq glare on Haditha ‘massacre’
The Iraqi government will ask the US for the investigative files into allegations that US Marines killed Iraqi civilians in Haditha last year, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki s ...  | Read.. 
Moment of truth, says US, Iran seals lips
Iran’s President today insisted on his country’s right to nuclear technology despite facing what Washington called a “moment of truth” over a programme th ...  | Read.. 
Katharine Close of New Jersey receives the winning trophy at the 2006 National Spelling Bee on Thursday in Washington. The 13-year-old was on her fift ...  | Read
The right hangman
Tall China
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Rachel son
250 cops raid London house
British anti-terrorist police shot at a man in a dawn raid today on a house they suspected could ha..  | Read.. 
UN rings aid bell, victims pray
The UN said today $100 million was “urgently” needed to help survivors of Indonesia’..  | Read..