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US to join talks if Iran drops N-plans
The US, in a major policy shift toward Iran, said today it would join European governments in talks with Tehran if it suspended its nuclear enrichment programme. ...  | Read.. 
Maoist chief meets father
The elusive chief of Nepalís Maoist rebels met his father for the first time in seven years in an emotional reunion when the guerrilla leader made a rare public appearan ...  | Read.. 
King faces more curbs
Nepalís parliament is expected to consider stripping the king of his remaining parliamentary roles, a lawmaker said today, after voting to withdraw most of his powers ea ...  | Read.. 
Mona Lisa breaks silence and speaks
The Mona Lisaís smile may always remain a mystery, but it is now possible to hear what her voice would have sounded like, thanks to a Japanese acoustics expert. ...  | Read.. 
Probe points finger at US army
A preliminary military inquiry found evidence that US Marines killed two dozen Iraqi civilians in an unprovoked attack in November, contradicting the troopsí account, US ...  | Read.. 
New leads in Diana crash probe
The detective leading a British investigation into the death of Princess Diana said he has found new witnesses and fresh forensic evidence about the fatal car crash in a Pari ...  | Read.. 
A student pretends to smoke at an anti-tobacco march in Asuncion, Paraguay, on Wednesday. (AP)
Demi night
Butt force
Boom ban
Mira boy
Prehistoric ecosystem in cave
Israeli scientists said today they had discovered a prehistoric ecosystem dating back millions of y..  | Read.. 
Doctor: Pitt was with Jolie during surgery
The African-born daughter of Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and ..  | Read.. 
White House tears over United 93
Tears flowed in the White House theatre yesterday night at ...  | Read..