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Men in white coats
The stereotypical image of the mad, bad and dangerous scientist is alive and well and living in classrooms. Ask children what they think is the image of scientists and they will usually list the following attributes: lab coat, glasses, unruly hair, eccentricity and lots of bubbling glassware. Scien...  | Read.. 
Losing attraction
The magnetic field that envelops the Earth and makes compasses point north has weakened over the last 250 years, but it appears to have held steady du ...  | Read.. 
The disappearing corals
Global warming has had a more devastating effect on some of the world’s finest coral reefs than previously assumed, according to the first report ...  | Read.. 
Men in white coats
Plant link
Big Bang time
Ovary scent
Hi-tech rigging
A sense of trust
Unfaltering faith
Next generation Windows
Microsoft is all set to launch a faster and smarter operating system, Vista, in India very soon ...  | Read.. 
Live together
Allergic people can learn to cohabit happily with their pets, says Jane E. Brody ...  | Read.. 
Fatigue factor
The acid that gives you aches in the limbs after exercise actually serves as a fuel for your muscles, reports Gina Kolata ...  | Read.. 
Black is beautiful
Tea fungus can remove arsenic in water, says Sanjit Bagchi ...  | Read.. 
Exercise for life
You can reduce your risk of developing cancer with a healthy lifestyle. Dr Gita Mathai ...  | Read.. 
STD vaccine faced Christian scrutiny
Codeine for your cough'
Heart rhythm correction
Men’s faces tell all
QED: An engagement with codes
Would The Da Vinci Code be as successful if it wasn’t for the code' The answer is probably no. Simply because humans are and always have been interested in codes, secrets and the whiff of a scandal. And rest assured this interest in codes ...  | Read.. 
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James R. Hansen
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