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Mark the details
State assembly elections can be important land-marks in the evolution of a polity. This is how it has been in the past. In 1967, the first-ever collation dominated by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) came to power in WestBengal, a prelude to wh...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Disturbing images
Sir ' As images of police brutality on students protesting against reservations came in from Delhi ...  | Read.. 
On guard
Sir ' The Telegraph should be thanked for publishing the details of the philanthropic endea ...  | Read.. 
Can fiction undermine the omnipotent' The Indian government and a number of religious organizations in the country seem to th...| Read.. 
Praying could have been a simple matter, if organized religion would allow it. The decision of the new Tamil Nadu government,...| Read.. 
Olive oil goes East
Four-letter words are being bandied about in an online expat forum here. What is raising tempers is not racist abuse, but com...  | Read.. 
The atom bomb of fashion
It is a story of bizarre parallels. Sixty years ago, in July 1946, a Parisian automobile engineer pulled off a feat of postwar minimalism in his mother's lingerie boutique nea...  | Read.. 
Sixty years of the bikini exodus
In March 1946, inhabitants of Bikini Atoll were shifted from their homes 125 miles east to Rongerik Atoll. The US would be testing nuclear devices off Bikini. ...  | Read.. 
Tiny strips with a varied fallout
Sabyasachi Mukherjee (designer):...  | Read.. 
There is, in public affairs, no state so bad, provided it has age and stability on its side, that it is not preferable to change and disturbance. ' MICHEL DE MONTAIGNE