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Since 1st March, 1999
The reticent heliocentrist
If we observe the sky without being seduced by what passes for modern knowledge, it should be clear to the meanest intelligence that all objects in the universe revolve around the earth. They are pasted on an enveloping screen which keeps going round...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Say it with a prayer
Sir ' On the one hand, there is religious freedom, on the other, modernity; the demand for freedom ...  | Read.. 
What lies beneath
Sir ' There is some truth in what Sanjib Baruah argues in 'All that is in the name' (May 10). That ...  | Read.. 
Governance is too important a matter to be left only to the ruling party. It is now accepted that a major reason for the fail...| Read.. 
Fear is often a constructive emotion. But much of it may be set off by unfortunate memories. Many in the country are apprehen...| Read.. 
Tricks of an old trade
The Indian parliament has overruled the Supreme Court and stopped the sealing of illegal properties and encroachments for one...  | Read.. 
Politics of vendetta again
Just as the landing of the former royal, Karan Singh, in Kathmandu in the middle of the democracy movement only gave more teeth to the struggle, the arrest over the weekend of...  | Read.. 
No subversion please, we're Indian
When Fire, the film by Deepa Mehta, had its first screening in a theatre in the heart of New Delhi, followers of the Shiv Sena damaged the hall and forced the owner to ...  | Read.. 
Man hands on misery to man,/ It deepens like a coastal shelf./ Get out as early as you can,/ And don't have any kids yourself. ' PHILIP LARKIN