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Iran ready for talks, barring Israel
Iran is ready to talk with any country except Israel but not under threat of force, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said today. ...  | Read.. 
China varsity fires chip fraud
A dean at one of China’s top universities has been fired after his claims to have invented a new computer chip turned out to be a fraud, the school announced yesterday. ...  | Read.. 
CIA official’s home raided
Federal agents yesterday searched the home and office of the CIA’s former third-highest ranking official who is under investigation because of ties to a figure in a cong ...  | Read.. 
Volcano alert in Indonesia
Indonesia raised the alert status of the Mount Merapi volcano to the highest level today, prompting a compulsory evacuation of thousands of residents living on the slopes, of ...  | Read.. 
BBC thinks cabbie is expert
A London cabbie suffered an awkward few moments of fame when the BBC mistook him for a computer expert and interviewed him live on the flagship news 24 channel, the corporati ...  | Read.. 
Putin to name successor soon
Russia’s Vladimir Putin said today he would name a preferred successor to follow him as President and vowed to ensure a smooth handover of power when he steps down in 20 ...  | Read.. 
A hostage-taker holds a knife to a man's neck in Xiangfan, central China's Hubei province, on Friday. The hostage-taker, who threatened to kill the ma ...  | Read
Subway foot freak
Ghastly toothpicks
Scooterist menaces town
Living dangerously in suburban London
Like so many people living in London, Nisha Patel-Nasri and her husband Fadi did not have to travel..  | Read.. 
TV bids adieu to West Wing
American television bids goodbye tomorrow to The West Wing, a landmark drama offering viewer..  | Read.. 
Pak averts backlash
The Pakistan government today averted a crisis by not allow ...  | Read.. 

Nepal govt plans to curtail king powers
Nepal’s new government is planning to issue a proclama ...  | Read..