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200 dead in Nigeria blast
A pipeline explosion killed up to 200 people on the outskirts of Lagos today, leaving charred corpses on a sandy beach where locals tapping the pipe to steal fuel ignited the blast. ...  | Read.. 
UK euthanasia
Britain’s House of Lords voted today to stall a controversial bill to allow doctors to help terminally ill patients end their lives. The assisted dying bill would let do ...  | Read.. 
Tigers in warning to monitors
Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger rebels warned international truce monitors not to travel aboard navy ships as tensions on the island remained high today after the worst clash si ...  | Read.. 
Bush in phone-snoop storm
President Bush faced new and potentially damaging allegations about the secret surveillance of Americans last night after reports that his administration has covertly c ...  | Read.. 
Fresh Iran uranium traces found
UN inspectors have discovered new traces of very highly enriched uranium on nuclear equipment in Iran, deepening suspicions Tehran may still be concealing the full extent of ...  | Read.. 
Bikini protest
A bikini-clad beauty queen protesting plans for a pulp mill in Uruguay pushed into a photo shoot of European and Latin American leaders at a summit today and Venezuela’s ...  | Read.. 
Paris Hilton at the Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles on Thursday. While unveiling her new video game Paris Hilton's Jewel Jam, Hi ...  | Read
Paralysed miracle
Nepal targets ex-ministers
The Girija Prasad Koirala government today arrested the leading lights of the former royalist g..  | Read.. 
Rush to be next Maria in Sound of Music
Julie Andrews wannabes queued today to audition for a reality TV show with a new twist ' the winner..  | Read..