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Mirror, mirror, will I be fat'
Inspired by the magic mirror used by the wicked queen in Snow White, or perhaps even the portrait of Dorian Gray, scientists have developed a thinking looking glass that reflects the future toll of junk food, sun, drugs and sloth on the body....  | Read.. 
Hollywood friends rally around Cruise
In a rare public show of support for a beleaguered star, some of Hollywood’s top executives rallied to Tom Cruise’ ...  | Read.. 
Eclectic approach
If poetry is the soul of music, especially contemporary Bengali music, we have reasons to feel elated. Singer-composer Sudip Bandyopadhyay, presented by Sanko at Sisir Mancha ...  | Read.. 
Bengali art flirts with new devilry
Daring and devilry become the young. But for years the young artists of Bengal had largely hesitated to act their age, settling into the middle age routine of playing it safe....  | Read.. 
The bliss of mesmerising melody
Numerical permutation is an integral part of music, more so in classical music. For many pundits it is nothing more than an intellectual exercise, others’ soul-stirring m...  | Read.. 
Unsure youthfulness
Epic struggle replayed
Alluring and vigorous
Super Cindy: Supermodel Cindy Crawford, who has starred in the film Fair Game, at an event in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. (AFP)