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Make a good job of your career
So you’ve got yourself a job in the BPO around the corner. You have mon-ey in your pocket and time on your hands. The world is suddenly your oyster. But have you ever asked yourself: What comes next' Is this what you want to do for life' “I...  | Read.. 
How will you define success'
One of the most important activities you can engage in is finding your own definitions or models of success. This is i ...  | Read.. 
How I Made It
For N.R.K. Raman, running a software firm is like playing a game of golf. “Playing golf is about getting the better of t ...  | Read.. 
Stop the thief!
Q.The office supply cabinet at work overflows with pens and Post-it notes, and you figure that nobody will notice if you take ...  | Read.. 
Make a good job of your career