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A dire prediction
It gives me a frisson whenever I see a book of mine for the first time. I open the packet, and there is a book ' with my name! The experience is fresh each time because the last time was so long ago. It was all the more exciting this time beca...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Voting right
Sir ' In spite of the measures to ensure free and fair polls in West Bengal, the Election Commissio ...  | Read.. 
Fighting an evil has its costs, but that is no reason for giving up the fight. Four years after the taliban was defeated, Afg...| Read.. 
There are occasions that seem to call for celebration but in fact should call forth the opposite. The announcement that the A...| Read.. 
There is no equality
In all this reservation brouhaha, the one lot of people Arjun Singh has forgotten, but who need acceptance the most, are the ...  | Read.. 
Outwardly serene
At the time Tagore was writing, traditional Indian literature was seen (as it still is sometimes) to be almost indistinguishable from mythology and religion; Tagore himself, although his own poetry and imagination were radically secular ...  | Read.. 
Make friends with the enemy
India has to persuade the taliban, as well as other warlords in Afghanistan, that its only interest is the development of the nation ...  | Read.. 
Recession is when you have to tighten the belt. Depression is when there is no belt to tighten. We are probably in the next degree of collapse when there are no trousers as such. ' BORIS PANKIN