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Infosys chief financial officer (CFO) T.V. Mohandas Pai is hanging up his boots as the main bean counter in the organisation. In a curious move, he is taking over as the head of HR. The company says it is to emphasise the importance of HR. Infosys ha...  | Read.. 
Heart of the matter
A stressful professional life heightens the chances of developing heart disease and diabetes, according to a long-term study ...  | Read.. 
How I Made It
An entrepreneur at 16, an employee at 25, and an entrepreneur again at 35. Thatís Arun Gupta, chief operating officer of ...  | Read.. 
Facing home truths
Deciding whether to work or stay at home to raise a family is a difficult task for women. Young mothers who have just ...  | Read.. 
Winning the war for talent
Jason S. Warner limits himself to one cup of coffee a day ' admirable self-control, considering where he works and the rigour ...  | Read.. 
Please don't fake it
Matt Villano warns you of the dangers of falsifying résumés ...  | Read.. 
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