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Preachers of two faiths set for a kick-off
With just over a month to go before the World Cup, a team of imams will play a team of Christian priests. ...  | Read.. 
Computer woos boys from choirs
There is an alarming number of empty seats in the choir stalls of Britain’s cathedrals because, for the first time ...  | Read.. 
A gadget to help you forget hunger
The company that invented the heart pacemaker is employing the same technology to trick obese patients into thinking their s ...  | Read.. 
France not in puff-ban mood
From Catherine Deneuve seductively holding a long slim cigarette to pictures of the late Jean-Paul Sartre or Serge Gains ...  | Read.. 
Flip seats for more space to fliers
Cinema-style “flip seats” could be introduced on aircraft to speed boarding and help cut the risk of deep vein ...  | Read.. 
Calling it quits
Shahnaz Sheikh, 26, was married to Wasim, a mullah. After his mother put pressure on him, Wasim divorced her by repeating “talaq” thrice, ending their ...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: Contrary images
When his father died, Amit insisted that his mother should move in with his family. His parents had spent several holidays with them, and he envisaged no problems in having he...  | Read.. 
Economist Amartya Sen and author Salman Rushdie during a discussion on the Nobel laureate's new book, Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destin ...  | Read