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Zawahri lashes out at India, Pak
Al Qaida’s deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri said hundreds of suicide bombers had “broken America’s back” in Iraq and accused President George W. Bush of giving a “strong impetus” to India’s nuclear programme while “doling out orders” to Pakistan, according ...  | Read.. 
Sing anthem in English: Bush
President George W Bush led American conservatives in condemning a new Spanish version of America’s national anthem and declared that Latino immigrants should learn ...  | Read.. 
Eastwood and 2 war films that changed him
As a kid, Clint Eastwood watched his share of war movies. Later on, he starred in them. ...  | Read.. 
Iran refuses to stop enrichment
Iran refused today to stop uranium enrichment after a UN report said it had done little or nothing to prove it was not developing nuclear arms. ...  | Read.. 
Pak couple
A Pakistani couple were released today after serving five years in jail for adultery, their only crime having been to fall in love and get married. ...  | Read.. 
Nepal parties ponder fate of monarchy
Nepali political parties discussed the fate of the once-revered monarchy and proposals to set up a Constituent Assembly today, just days after the king ceded power in the fac ...  | Read.. 
Charlize Theron, who won the best actress Oscar for her role in Monster in 2004 and was nominated for the same award for her role in North C ...  | Read
Like a rocking Dylan
Porn stars get serious
Susan reveals cost of defiance
The cost of defying the party line can be high, even in America, which likes to project itself as t..  | Read.. 
For '50,000, Prescott lover to tell all
John Prescott’s affair with his secretary, Tracey Temple, may prove extremely damaging to ..  | Read..