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Blonde Bond to chase villain in Fiat bulldozer
British secret agent James Bond has chased the world’s most dangerous villains in everything from cars to spaceships, but in his latest adventure, his vehicle of choice will be a bulldozer....  | Read.. 
In search of new expressions
Video sculpture' At first the term seems an oxymoron. Can a medium that’s materially two dimensional and tenuous be deemed sculpture that’s essentially three dimensi...  | Read.. 
Usual grace and rhythm
Geetgovinda, an immortal creation of Jaydeva, is a favourite subject for classical dancers. Kelucharan Mahapatra, the maestro of Odissi dance, presented a magnificent p...  | Read.. 
Visual allegory based on puppets
Samindranath Mazumdar’s solo show of paintings at Akar Prakar gallery is like a revelation as a certain shaft of strong light strikes the onlookers. There are some common...  | Read.. 
A tale in nine yards
Passion in abundance
Spectacles of Nature
Prince Harry plays with residents of a children's home during a visit to Lesotho, southern Africa. Harry was in Lesotho to launch a charity called Sen ...  | Read