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Stab of brotherís bullets
Pramod Mahajan, the new-age politician in designer clothes who drove a Mitsubishi Lancer and was among the first to flaunt a cellphone, was fighting for his life tonight after being shot thrice by a younger brother seemingly suffering from an inferiority complex. ...  | Read.. 
Bleeding liver holds the key
For hours after he was shot, Pramod Mahajanís fate appeared to hinge on a region of his liver so extensively damaged by the bullet that tore through it that it bled incessantly, doctors said. ...  | Read.. 
Second rung jinx strikes again
In the BJPís heyday through the nineties, it was not just party chief L.K. Advani who was the object of the Oppositionís envy but also the second-rung leadership he had groomed. ...  | Read.. 
CM works on Mission Smart
Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee has established himself as a leader working to revive industry in Bengal. Under him the stateís image, too, is on the mend. If the Left Front ge ...  | Read.. 
Stab of brother's bullets
Life as brother of a prominent personality became a curse to me

in his confession
Debojit debut sizzles
As far as a debut goes, this was a dream start ' and a rollicking one at that... ...  | Read..
People dictate snub to palace
The people in the street in Nepal are making history. They are dictating the mandate of their p ...  | Read..