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Hardly any snob value

ELITE CLUBS OF INDIA (Bhageria Foundation, Rs 3,900) by Purshottam Bhageria and Pavan Malhotra is a murderously heavy tome that combines tacky design and embarrassingly bad writing ' all the more embarrassing because it tries to affect expensive, coffee-table classiness. 'As civilization onward reels,' the authors conclude, 'It's Clubs that grease the speeding wheels.' This book is positively dripping with grease as it tries to put on a bluff British manner: 'And you have to be a good sport, old boy. Play the game and all that. The grand style continues... golf, tennis, rugby at places along with squash, billiards, swimming and of course the social life revolving around the card rooms. You are different... you are among the chosen few.' This is the entrance to the Bangalore Club, established 1863: 'a quintessential British Club and has snob value'.

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