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Triumphant eclecticism
Edward Said's Orientalism, published in 1978, gave intellectuals and writers (themselves, like Said, often migrants) from once-colonized nations a language that liberated and shackled in almost equal measure. The liberations that Said's critic...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Surprise winner
Sir ' I was surprised to see our postal department beat a private courier service in a race to del ...  | Read.. 
Sir ' Despite Virender Sehwag's failure to score in his last 30 innings, Kiran More still thinks t ...  | Read.. 
It is a measure of the confidence that Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, has been able to create...| Read.. 
Two for sorrow
Three in play
Fashioned for him
Sea of trouble
Company of friends
Family first
Those who talk most about the blessings of marriage and the constancy of its vows are the very people who declare that if the chain were broken and the prisoners left free to choose, the whole social fabric would fly asunder. You cannot have the argument both ways. If the prisoner is happy, why lock him in' If he is not, why pretend that he is' ' GEORGE BERNARD SHAW
A silent revolution in Thunder Dragon land
Norzin Lam in Thimpu is what Durbar Marg is in Kathmandu. These two arteries that slice through the capitals of Bhutan and Ne...  | Read..