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West wake-up
The grand gateway with the dancing horses a la Berlinís Brandenburg Gate and its Quadriga sculpture, the main boulevard generously peppered with tree-lined avenues, landscaped parks and open spaces, larger-than-life sculpted ballerinas, supermarkets and cineplexes, town square and community pla ...  | Read.. 
Zubinís retreat fetches $14 million
Zubin Mehta, the Mumbai-born conductor who has won over audiences from Los Angeles to Israel, and his wife, Nancy, have sold their Malibu retreat for $14 million. If this is a ...  | Read.. 
Taj parallel to Sydney concert hall
The competition for the Sydney Opera House was called in 1956. Designs were submitted by architects from all over the world in 1957 and a panel of judges of eminent architects ...  | Read.. 
Dress up a window, with curtains or creepers
Windows are to let in the light and air and shut out the heat, cold and dust, a fact that often gets obscured by the way they are treated. They are important architectural fea ...  | Read.. 
West wake-up
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