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Clans do not make India
When private illusion clashes with social reality, the former should, in the normal course, make way. It does not always happen thus in contemporary India though. Consider, for instance, the case of the dowager queen of Rae Bareilly. She is just that...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Policy play
Sir ' The Union human resource development minister, Arjun Singh, is playing the OBC card only to ...  | Read.. 
Dancing is not a fundamental right, but the women in Mumbai's dance bars are not the only ones who dance. That would be, appr...| Read.. 
Rebels of all hues love to believe in their own propaganda. No wonder that the Assamese insurgents have their own 'theory' of...| Read.. 
Noses up in the air
The UPA government at the Centre has one thing to learn from the NDA, particularly the BJP. When they were ruling they had a ...  | Read.. 
My brother cuts the time it takes to read a newspaper by skipping everything in the future tense; and it's amazing what he doesn't miss. ' KATHARINE WHITEHORN
Sad and alert lines
JOGEN CHOWDHURY: HIS LIFE AND TIMES (CIMA, price not mentioned) reproduces the artist's ...  | Read.. 
Suite extraordinaire
The author of this book and how it came to be published can be the theme of...  | Read.. 
Get the real picture
MAO By Michael Lynch, Routledge, Rs 295...  | Read.. 
Taking another swipe at the left
Bengal's Nights Without End By Udayan Namboodiri, India First Foundati...  | Read.. 

Wine, poetry and nautch girls