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Teenage saviour of six loses battle for life
Javed Ahmad, the teenager who had escaped the Meerut fire but jumped back into it to save six children, died in a Delhi hospital this morning amid cries of negligence. ...  | Read.. 
Narmada tiff
The government is gearing up to tackle an inevitable clash in the Narmada Control Authority meeting on Saturday, as the BJP slammed its decision to review the increase in ...  | Read.. 
Dance bar ban heads for SC
The Maharashtra government today claimed the ban on dance bars had lowered crime figures and said it would appeal in the Supreme Court against yesterday’s Bombay Hig ...  | Read.. 
Sonia vs housewife
Age: 32; education: Intermediate; marital status: married; occupation: homemaker; job experience: nil. To most people, Prabha Singh Lodh’s CV would hardly merit a se ...  | Read.. 
Golf raids
The CBI today raided the homes of senior bureaucrats and forest officials of Punjab who have been accused of setting up a golf club in violation of forest and environment ...  | Read.. 
Police cane a motorcyclist on a Bangalore sidewalk on Thursday. Vitla Images
Kannada void fills up with violence
SC rights order on prison women
Tease protester hacked
Green rank
‘Dead’ girl alive
PM threat No. 1 tag on Maoists
Spring Thunder has struck Delhi, a day after its disruptive potential was acknowledged in Calcu..  | Read.. 
Phew! Free before breaking free
Salman Khan walked to freedom waving a bail order today, but he didn’t really need all thi..  | Read.. 
Anees cook arrested
Delhi police have arrested Mohammed Jabril Khan alias Ismai ...  | Read.. 

No retest, doctors hit discos
Aspiring postgraduate medical students thronged discos ...  | Read.. 

CPM questions poll panel quota query
The human resource development ministry is keeping its ...  | Read.. 

Kannada void fills up with violence
Young Edison Raj stood outside Kanteerava stadium, wavi ...  | Read.. 

Basu pact
Jyoti Basu, as a Citu leader, today signed a tripartite ...  | Read.. 

Shame salvo at Saran
Two officers of the Indian Foreign Service’s 1972 ...  | Read.. 

Heart put on test in new quiz
The stopwatch has been stopped. The ticking of the time ...  | Read..