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Douglas reveals how he keeps Zeta happy

London, April 13: Michael Douglas has explained how he keeps wife Catherine Zeta-Jones interested in the bedroom.

The couple married nearly six years ago. His Oscar-winning other half has no need to lay back and think of Wales to conjure up images of her native home.

Her 61-year-old husband told chat show host Jay Leno that he impersonates the earthy Welsh accent of Richard Burton.

Douglas appeared on The Tonight Show sporting a beard and was asked by host Leno what his wife thought of his new appearance.

In a candid replay Douglas said: “Well, you know we are into our sixth year of marriage now . She said ‘I kind of fancy that’.”

Leno then asked Douglas whether he ever pretended to be anyone else, and he replied: “Sure, why not'

“You close your eyes once in a while, put on a Richard Burton accent maybe ' something from the home country, it gives a little variety, the spice of life.”

Douglas also used the interview to deny reports that he had criticised Brad Pitt for leaving wife Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie.

He said he had been “misquoted”.

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