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Seedy return haunts Sanjay Joshi
- Sleaze CD pops up again with questions for BJP and Sangh

New Delhi, April 11: A dirty tricks department run by someone somewhere will not let the Sangh parivar sleep in peace.

Barely a week after the BJP reinstalled Sanjay Joshi as general secretary, the sleaze CD purportedly showing him having sex with a woman resurfaced today in what was obviously a renewed campaign to oust the RSS man.

The CD, along with a detailed write-up titled ‘Arrogance of RSS’ and Joshi’s flight details from February 2005 to January 2006 were sent to The Telegraph office in Delhi through Speedpost this evening. The correspondence had been posted in the name of a woman who identified herself as Nandeene Paranjape.

Efforts to contact Paranjape at the stated address in Mumbai proved futile. “There is a Mr Paranjape here but we have no one called Nandeene living here,” said a woman in broken Hindi. “We have not posted any letter to anyone,” she stressed, “I don’t know of any CD.”

According to the details sent with the CD, Joshi and the woman allegedly checked into Sagar Hotel at Nagpada Junction, corner of Bellasis Road, Mumbai, on November 7, 2005, as a couple. The anonymous write-up said the couple assumed the names of Ramesh Shah and Madhvi Shah.

The owner of the hotel, Hajit Sahib, refused to respond to queries. “Call up tomorrow” was the stern response from the hotel.

Joshi could not be contacted as he was on his way back from Nagpur to Delhi. Though BJP leaders refused to officially comment, most felt that this systematic campaign could finally force the party to get rid of Joshi.

“The RSS and Rajnath Singh back him fully. But the sleaze (true or not) would haunt him. How long would the BJP tolerate this'” asked a senior leader.

In “Arrogance of RSS”, the anonymous writer begins with a vicious attack on what is repeatedly referred to as Joshi’s “mean and low” character. “Numerous instances of Sanjay Joshi’s attempt to pull wool over the eyes of the honest and unsuspecting heads of the RSS leadership depicts the picture as to how mean and low is the character of Sanjay Joshi. Some of the known and so-called Brahminvad leaders of the RSS are still trying to hide Sanjay Joshi’s sex scandal.”

“The audio CD containing Sanjay Joshi’s voice with dirty talks and activity came to RSS knowledge six months back which was suppressed by this so-called Brahmin leaders of the RSS,” read the article.

Joshi was suspended late last year after the CD surfaced pending investigation and reinstated after police in Madhya Pradesh ' his home state which is ruled by the BJP ' declared it could not say for sure if it was his face in the recording.

“Again clearing and cover-up actions have been initiated to save such characterless Sanjay Joshi,” the writer said, asking the BJP and the RSS to answer 10 questions before pronouncing him “innocent”.

The questions are:

* Is it not true that he had gone on tour to the northeast between November 5 and 7, 2005'

* Is it not true that on November 7, he had travelled by IC0678 from Calcutta to Mumbai'

* Has he informed about this visit to any unit of the Mumbai Sangh or the BJP' If not, what is the secret behind such a private visit'

* Did Sanjay Joshi not stay at Sagar hotel, Nagpada Junction, corner of Bellasis Road, Mumbai, on November 7, 2005, as he had done on earlier occasions too for his “nefarious escapades”'

* What prompted a pracharak of the Sangh to check into a hotel'

* Did he not check into room number 106 of the hotel'

* Is it not true that they had assumed fictitious names when they checked in' Did they not assume their identities as Ramesh Shah and Madhvi Shah'

* Is it not true that the Maharashtra government can take action against any person living in a hotel with a false identity'

* Is it not true that after his “sexual escapades”, he visited Bhopal from Mumbai on November 8, 2005, by 9W3105'

* Why do visuals on the CD and pictures of the hotel match completely'

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