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Q: I am a final-year student of electrical engineering. I have just got a placement in a leading IT company. Later in my career, I want to work for multinational banks as an MBA. Which stream should I specialise in to be able to do that' Can I make the switch to banking after working in the software industry or should I try for jobs like a probationary officer in a bank and then pursue an MBA'

Name withheld

A: An IT company will give you adequate work experience in the field of software. You could then do an MBA in systems or in marketing. But it is difficult to predict what the scenario would be four years down the line. Of course, your skills need to match the functions you want to perform in an MNC. However, none of what you have written tells me about your actual area of interest. This makes it difficult for me to comment on your career path. Your interests should guide you towards your career.

Q: I have done a BCom and also completed a diploma in software technology from CMC. I am not that good with computers but am currently working as an Internet cafe host. I am 27. My English is very poor and I want to learn how to speak English properly. I also want to learn hardware technologies like (PC + networking). Please tell me about institutes that offer such courses. How can I improve my English and what are the prospects after doing these courses'

Pankaj Kumar

A: Your qualifications aren't compatible with the basic requirements for pursuing hardware technologies. I suggest that you meet a professional in this area of expertise and understand the pre-requisites of the field. There are a number of reputed educational institutes that conduct courses in spoken English.

Join any one of them and also regularly practice speaking in English. The fluency will come eventually.

Q: I have done my BCom and diploma in software commercial application in 1997. I also have four years' experience as an accountant and three years' experience as an EDP supervisor in a company. However, I want to work with an MNC. How do I go about securing a job in an MNC' Will learning SAP-FICO help' Or should I go in for an MBA (distance learning mode)' Which would be the best option for me to pursue' Please advise.

Partha Rout

A: 'Working with an MNC' is very generic since it doesn't say anything about what your long-term goals are and where you 'see' yourself over a period of time. If you want to pursue a line function (like marketing or HR) then an MBA would be more appropriate. But if you want to switch over to an IT-related job then an ERP or ORACLE certification might be more suitable.

Q: I am a kindergarten teacher and have a BSc (pass) degree in bioscience. I also have a diploma in computers. I want to do a BEd course to enhance my career. Is there any private distance learning programme that offers a recognised BEd degree'

Susmita Ghosh

A: Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, offers a recognised course in BEd. But the pre-requisites for applying to this course is a two-year work experience and you should also hold a job while pursuing this course.

Q: I am an electrical engineer with 20 years' experience in project engineering, plant maintenance and administration. I intend to specialise in energy audit by taking some diploma or certificate courses. Could you please tell me about the job prospects in this field'

Aloke Banerjee

A: Energy constitutes one of the most important components of 'variable costs' for most industries. Hence, different state governments encourage energy audit ardently. In fact, in some states industrial enterprises have to get an audit done and submit a report to the government every three years. After you qualify as an energy auditor you can start your own consulting firm since the demand for energy auditors is definitely on the rise. This is due to government rules, which makes energy audit mandatory. Hence, the prospects in this field seem promising.

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