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Dream of an authentic past
Most of us long to believe that the future holds a better time. It is equally tempting to believe or imagine that things were better ' simpler, more manageable ' at some point in the remote past. Not many of us can resist the allure of some romantici...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Flooded with problems
Sir ' It's been a year since the infamous Mumbai floods occurred, but nothing has been done to aver ...  | Read.. 
Without a heart
Sir ' The death of Balaram Ghosh, a cardiac patient who died unattended on a street in Bhowanipore ...  | Read.. 
Fuel for thought
Sir ' A railway electric locomotive drawing five megawatts of power may seem expensive to R.C. Acha ...  | Read.. 
The Jesus of history and the Jesus of faith, as Albert Schweitzer emphasized, are different and apart. Jesus Christ, who is w...| Read.. 
B for breaking free
Smooth operator
Ideas and ideologues
Day's lessons
Close encounters
Fight on the cards
I can't help feeling sceptical about the Bible's claim that God made man in his own image. What' Two solemn little Jehovahs to gaze back at him with fathomless wisdom and benevolence' What would have been the fun in that' He could have achieved that simply by creating a couple of mirrors, or a closed-circuit television. ' MICHAEL FRAYN
Desi cool
The young urban Indian isnít westernised, brand obsessed and disconnected. A Telegraph-MODE survey and other surveys bust popular myths about Generation Next ...  | Read..