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Holistic health haunt

Stress, tension, depression and anxiety' Words that most school-goers, homemakers and rat-race professionals grapple with every day. So while spa treatments and visits to counsellors have gone on to become effective remedies, Prithvi, a creative healing academy at 26/2, Ballygunge Circular Road, offers solution in the form of meditation.

The brainchild of Archana Lakhotia, the 900 sq ft academy that started in April 2003 enlists ‘students’ from 13 years to 65 years. Archana, who presides over the spiritual classes, believes that the meditation works at the cellular level of the body and helps put away not only emotional afflictions but other ailments too. “Emotion is the root cause of ailments and positive energy is the key to holistic healing,” she stresses.

There are various levels included in a healing process here. The first is Easy Communication where the visitor talks about his problems giving an insight about the kind and number of healing sessions required. “It involves talking about his/her childhood, lifestyle and insecurities,” explains Archana. Finally it is Chakra healing through Melchizedek, Reiki or Psychic.

“Not only emotional disorders but these are effective for asthma, blood sugar and pressure,” claims Archana.

Melchizedek, inspired by Egyptian sciences, was brought to India by Alton Kamodon, the Australian founder of The Melchidezek Method, the basis of which lies in Merkabah (Mer means light, Ka the spirit and Bah the body). A spiritual awakening is the aim through synchronisation of body, mind and soul. Other healing techniques include Reiki, a Japanese form of stress reduction and relaxation based on the idea that an unseen life-force energy flows through us. Then there is the Psychic healing through the use of colours.

Apart from healing there are regular classes where students learn the various aspects of techniques for self development and spiritual well being.

There are four classes held in a month, each for two hours. “It is not only important to learn the technique but think over it and assimilate it to the fullest,” smiles Archana, who has trained in the Melchizedek Method under Alton Kamodon and is also a Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra consultant.

Each class involves interactive discussions while going through self-development books by Pratima Ray, Louise L. Hay and the like.

Prithvi also plays host to flower arrangement classes presided over by Kavita Poddar. And a money mantra class teaches how to enhance it.

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