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9/11 plotter faces death term
A US jury today found Zacarias Moussaoui eligible for the death penalty, and the convicted September 11 conspirator shouted as he was led out of the court: “You’ll never get my blood. God curse you all.” ...  | Read.. 
Ruthless Zarqawi kicked out
Abu Musab al Zarqawi, the most feared commander in the Iraqi insurgency, may have been forced to surrender his leadership by rival groups, angered by his tactics and the inte ...  | Read.. 
Thaksin to resign
Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra declared today he would step down to defuse a long-running political crisis, but it remained unclear exactly when and the Opposition sa ...  | Read.. 
Colombia captive has child with captor
A Colombian politician taken hostage more than four years ago by Leftist rebels has had a child by one of her captors in a secret jungle prison camp, according to a book to b ...  | Read.. 
France protests
Hundreds of thousands of students marched through French cities today in new protests aimed at killing off a youth hire-and-fire law as rail workers and teachers staged one- ...  | Read.. 
Kuwait women vote for first time
Women made history in Kuwait today by voting and running for office for the first time in a local by-election after the conservative, US-allied Gulf state granted them suffra ...  | Read.. 
Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria at an awards show in Beverly Hills. (Reuters)
Wrestler slip fails
Shakira sizzle not on show
Condi bed for man of Straw
When it was time to grab a few hours rest before landing on a secret mission in Baghdad last weeken..  | Read.. 
Million-dollar Julia
Julia Roberts was almost the million-dollar baby on Broadway last week. Three Days of Rain, ..  | Read.. 
Kathmandu ban on protests
Nepal’s royalist government today indefinitely banned ...  | Read.. 

Saddam trial
Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein will stand trial on n ...  | Read..