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Dream and taxing reality
As is usual now, the Union budget for fiscal 2006-07 contains policy statements that go beyond the mere arithmetic of receipts and expenditures of the government. Of these, the one that stands out in terms of its likely impact on the economy and the ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Terribly sick
Sir ' The front page report, 'Doctors caught cheating at exam' (March 30), is a disgrace to the med ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir ' Sarmila Bose's 'The truth about the Jessore massacre' (March 19), evoked painful memories. Th ...  | Read.. 
Exactly how grim is the HIV/AIDS scenario in India' Would the measure of this grimness be statistical and quantitative or mor...| Read.. 
What a law does not say is as important as what it does. The draft bill on rape is promising changes needed for a long time. ...| Read.. 
A hoax called terror
'You're allowed to lie for jihad. You're allowed any technique to defeat your enemy,' Zacarias Moussaoui told the Virginia co...  | Read.. 
Two journeys with flawed maps
Two political mobilization strategies ' the announcement of the fifth rathyatra of L.K. Advani and the sudden resignation of Sonia Gandhi from parliament ' do not seem...  | Read.. 
Working on an empty stomach
Whilst in earlier chapters poverty has been seen as one of the key causes of child labour and the economic, and specifically competitive and cost pressures described, the labo...  | Read.. 
He that has light within his own clear breast/ May sit i' th' centres, and enjoy bright day,/ But he that hides a dark soul, and foul thoughts/ Benighted walks under the midday sun. ' JOHN MILTON