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Tehran tests superfast sub-sea missile
Iran has test-fired a sonar-evading underwater missile that can outpace any enemy warship, a senior naval commander told state television today during a week of war games in the Gulf. ...  | Read.. 
Island wants e-identity back
Niue, a Pacific island nation whose name means “look, a coconut”, is involved in a wrangle with an American entrepreneur over the control of its Internet suffix. ...  | Read.. 
Buzz in British war room
The British government is to hold secret talks with defence chiefs tomorrow to discuss possible military strikes against Iran. ...  | Read.. 
Rice and Straw in Baghdad
US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and Britain’s Jack Straw flew to Baghdad today and pressed Iraqi politicians to break their deadlock and form a unity government t ...  | Read.. 
Villepin sidelined in France jobs row
Senior figures in France’s conservative party put out compromise feelers to students and unions over a controversial youth jobs law today, pushing to the sidelines the P ...  | Read.. 
America’s immigrants hit the road for rights
Thousands of immigrants and their supporters chanted, blew whistles and waved flags from dozens of Latin American countries yesterday as they marched across New York’s B ...  | Read.. 
Thais queued up with their I-cards to vote on Sunday in a general election that Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra called three years early to counte ...  | Read
Smoker Crowe
Soccer bait
Windies’ scramble to meet Cup deadline
There is no dead of night in this once-idyllic capital as hundreds of Chinese workers jackhamme..  | Read.. 
Ang hero, movie villain in China
Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee is widely seen as a national treasure in China, but that hasn’..  | Read.. 
NRIs off Blair Honours List
British Prime Minister Tony Blair is to admit defeat over t ...  | Read.. 

Bono slams Berlusconi
Irish rocker and charity champion Bono has written to Itali ...  | Read..