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Calling it quits
The day the Mumbai crowd booed Sachin Tendulkar after his failure in the third test against England, another Indian legend was formally, finally, leaving his field. This was Verghese Kurien, who announced that day that he was resigning as chairman of...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
In the wrong hands
Sir ' The AIFF's decision to replace Syed Nayeemuddin with a foreign coach did not come as a surpr ...  | Read.. 
Easy way out
Sir ' Obtaining a divorce has never been easier. The courts have now deemed that indifference, fri ...  | Read.. 
Little braveheart
Sir ' There is a banyan tree in front of my house. It is about six or seven years old. It is a ver ...  | Read.. 
Why have Shakespeare's First Folios become such expensive and magical objects' Sotheby's is selling one ' as 'the most impor...| Read.. 
Field study of flatulence
Scholars pick up odd subjects for research: the oddest I have ever heard of is the incidence of flatulence: what causes it; w...  | Read.. 
For all the fruitful altruisms of Nature develop in an egoistical mode; human altruism which is not egoism is sterile, it is that of a writer who interrupts his work to receive a friend who is unhappy, to accept some public function or to write propaganda articles. ' MARCEL PROUST
All keyed up
From being the diva sans tantrums, Lata is earning the wrath of Maharashtra. Are the winds of change bothering India’s n...  | Read..